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WiFi Password WEP WPA


WiFi password allows you to generate random keys for wifi network.Security Type:WEP 64/128/256 bitsWPA2 64/160/504 bits
Advanced coding algorithms create a key for you, is completely random to prevent hack attacks or attacks by hackers on your device.
You will achieve a high level of authentication for unlimited surfing.
With one click you can create a random password powerful high encryption that will increase greatly and authenticate their protection. The pass-xxxx will be saved in the memory of the app in case you want to reuse.
You can discover all open networks in your city.
Do not let your neighbor stealing the internet, you will recover security and navigation.
File Explorer
This app also contains an another great app File Manager to manage your device files and folders.With this app you can create, delete, and edit your files in a very easy way.
It's totally free.